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What subjects are you good at?

I’m trying to figure out what the average programmer is good at, so I can focus more on those in school. I am great at math and writing, pretty good at spelling, terrible at history, and rediculously bad at geography. Please give me some suggestions. Thanks.

2/22/2018 7:09:05 PM


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Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Languages.. 💚✌


I was really good at English and History/Geography (I consider the subjects the same). Sometimes Science, depnding if they structured the course well. Math I was abysmal at; still am.


It doesn't matter what you are good at. You could be good at physics and make awesome codes , apps, games that include physics knowledge, or if you know foreign language then you can use that knowledge and make amazing language app. The point is that you can connect any subject with programing. Programing makes your subject more useful, practical, more beautiful, other people can learn more efficiently that subject. Any subject + (+mathematics) + programing = Beauty 😊


Math, physics, and english are my top subjects. Everything else I can do but don't care much for it; as a result I forget those subjects lol I discovered I'm bad at astronomy, I just can't grasp it haha


Never done astronomy.


@Jax It was required for my degree, but it didn't help me in programming overall anyways


maths & physics ...that's all you need


I would love to help but I just started last year with coding so I'm not that good at it( I'm also just a kid) but I LOVE E.L.A but math is my best subject


I’m really good in math, good in science, good in English, ok in history and geography, and good in spelling. But never get discouraged by how many good things other ppl can do:)


I don’t think I ever used history or geography in coding, and math is definitely useful in coding. Everyone has different talents


Mathematics, Art and Design. 😁