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What will you prefer?

Getting to know a lot of languages and working on many small scale projects so that you can learn many technologies at a time or working on a large scale project which incorporates only few techniques but it'll make you a champ in that technology! I'm really confused that I should be working on and get adept at every new trend in the technology or should work on the basic concepts of the few important ones.

2/22/2018 2:59:50 PM


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Importance is relative to whatever you're doing in a moment's notice and isn't really an objective type of thing. So with that being said, you're actually on the right track. Right now you're in the part of your adventure where you're discovering all of the various angles of this field and what you enjoy the most. Trust me, that's a good thing because you can properly assess what brings you the most joy and focus on that instead of an angle you may not have the same passion for. You may even end up changing it over the years and branch out in many different directions. For myself, I've learned many languages and worked on many small scale projects to learn all kinds of stuff. As well, I've worked on large scale projects that only utilized certain technologies that I learned for that project and haven't used since. The reality is that I don't limit myself and when it's time to learn something new, I learn something new even if I'll only use it that once. This makes me very flexible and versatile, which has helped out a lot in the corporate world. Everything that I learn seems to add onto all of the other stuff I learn. In the beginning, I learned programming to create some text adventure games back in the 90s online. Since then I've gone in various directions from business intelligence, automation, software engineering, software development, workforce development, etc... Most recently I've been transitioning back into game development and plan to make a full shift into doing that full time until I die off. As you can see, it's been quite an adventure, much was learned, and most importantly, I've learned exactly what I love and what I hate so I know where to spend my time and effort. One more thing. ALWAYS pay attention to the new trends of technology. As they say, "the pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails." If you don't move with change, you get left behind and eventually become obsolete. Always move with the change and adjust as needed.


Exactly what I need. Thanks a lot Jakob Sir. 😀😀👍👍