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what is <meta charset =UTF-8> ?????


6/29/2016 5:50:34 AM

Renu Thakur

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ktos is right. It defines the character set you are using, so the browser can interpret. Character sets contain alphanumeric and special characters. Some character sets have characters that some others do not have. UTF-8 (Unicode) has almost all characters. If you don't specify this and you use special characters e.g. the ones ktos said, your browser would not understand. Unicode is the default for HTML 5 though.


This define a charset set. if you add this element you can use special character like: ş, ö, ę, ą etc.


u can understand by this suppose if u r opening facebook login page, coming down the page u see languages option like hindi, gujrati, bangla in their own characters, these are special character which are recognised by utf-8, if u do not use utf-8 n u r using these type of characters, those character will not be read by browser and browser will give ????????? like character instead of it.. u can see fb login page indian languages written bottom of the page.. i hope u wil be ok with this.. thanx


thes is woriting arabic


thankxxxx :)