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How to publish a website on the web?

11/26/2016 1:37:19 PM

umaar abdullah

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Start with free Wordpress until you'll become Pro at coding to create your own from scratch. When you'll be ready, you'll need; 1.Domain 2.Hosting 3.Your coding skills(front-end skills: html, css & javascript, back-end skills: php or java or python(choose one), to start your journey. Good luck!


At first buy a hosting service and a domain for your website. After you buy. Go to google, bing webmaster tool. Add your website. And wala! your website is published to world. Do something creative and unique thing on your website to grab attention of visitor.


Publishing a website has three intial steps: 1. A Web Hosting Server This is where you'll have your web related files. Users will basically access contents (html, css, scripts, database, resourses etc.) of the web server. You can have your own web server, or you can lease it on web (Bluehost is a good one). 2. A Domain Name This will help your site have an unique identity on the web. You can do so by registering a domain name with a domain name registrar. Some popular domain name registrar are GoDaddy, Google Domains etc. 3. A Content Managing Software (CMS) This piece of software is used to manage your content on the web server. Some examples of CMS are Drupal, WordPress etc. Thus, you have to install CMS on your webserver and link it through a custom domain and your site becomes online.


Use heroku for dynamic web hosting. It's free for single instance


just install your own box from Slackware or Debian or CentOs. They come with a ready to serve Apache daemon. You can install the OS on any old computer laying around the house that you didn't use anymore, or you can install as a virtual machine with You go to and point a hostname to your home IP address dynamically, and open up port 80 to your new web server box. Next, you dump an index.html file into the DocumentRoot of the server (typically a folder named htdocs/ or public_html) and you now have a free, live webserver on the Internet. I hope that helps!


Buy a domain and hosting. Preferable you can use one of WordPress themes and customize it. If you need help to customize a WordPress theme visit


You could try github pages. It is a little work to get started, and only supports front end, but is useful. Here is an example of a GitHub pages site I built: It was structured in HTML, styled in CSS, and all scripts were written in JavaScript. I used this IDE called Brackets, and the git command line tool to push changes to the website. It typically took about 5 min to update the site. And most important: IT IS FREE


For testing or development purposes, I'd recommend setting up a GitHub account. You can use the GitHub Pages feature to publish your site to best of all its free...


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Hi! You have many solutions. You can develop your on website using html php CSS javascript or other techno. then take a hosting solution with domain and transfer your website in it. (with ftp client soft) Or, You can use an allinone solution if you don't want to code. This solution is the worst but is the easiest. Have fun.


you can try buying a domain at ho It's cheap.


U should buy domain, it is not for free. But if you want it for free, you can register in github, and post your website there. After, you can access you website through url


Depends what you want, but if you just like to test your website online here are some free options: 1) is a great and easy tool. 2) with github pages is a little more work, and you need to know how to use git. 3) Heroku is also a possibility but probably only a good/interesting option if you want to build and test more complex applications like spring applications which need deploy to a tomcat server, or using a database.


you must buy hosting and domain .


you asked how to publish a website. therefore i will assume you know how to make one. you need to have a computer connected to the internet with symmetrical uplink and downlink speeds. most of us home users have high downlink slow uplink connections cause we mostly need high data flow towards our PC. but to serve a website you need high out and sometimes fairly high in to the computer holding your site. you could buy shared hosting , VPS hosting or dedicated server (in increasing order of resource usage capacity and independence ) from webhosting providers. if you want to try things out do it in small scale for now, you could find free shared hosting (use Google search) or free VPS hosting ( the best). In case of shared hosting, you either place your HTML files in the publicly accessible folder (public_ html or some such , defined under settings for the server software ... given to you by your webhost) or setup database and install PHP scripts in case of dynamic sites. if it is VPS or dedicated you choose, then you install the OS and secure the system, setup the webserver and db software and other things you need. now you proceed to doing the same as above. you could also use free to use services like Google sites, blogger, etc.


You can always Install Wamp (or Xampp) and open your site from there. That is IF you want to host it on your own pc.


by host you can buy host from godady


first buy hosting server like go to where create your domain in that upload all your code files that's it u are ready to rock


first try in wampp server in your pc then buy a host and publish