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This Question section needs a FAQ - Do you agree

I'm just typing off the cuff, but the favourite questions in no particular order are. Which language should I learn first? Which language is the best? Now that I have done Course X, what should I do next? How do I confirm my email? Are there any value in the certificate? Can I mention the Sololearn certificate in my CV? I am (10, a Thesbian, a Philosophy student, in a wheelchair)[pick 1 or many] can I learn to programme? .......... Feel free to add the ones I've missed. A FAQ would really help.

2/19/2018 2:30:22 PM


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Just to clarify FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions I forgot How do I learn to hack? How do I add a photo to my website? How do I learn to make an app?


how to add anything to any other website or social media(linkedin or else) 👍😉 why get i banned why get i bloked what is spam and so on 😉


This could be a great Idea for a lesson.


@Louis I agree with your assessment need to expand FAQ to cover more ground. and this would be good material that can be covered by new Lesson Plan and those were great examples of FAQ


This is already being worked on. It'll be implemented in the near future and continue to be updated. It's the reason you see gold moderators marking questions with [DUPLICATE] and [OFF-TOPIC], etc. We're preparing the Q/A for an update that will be implemented soon.


there is already a comprehensive faq code by Mario L just search for faq in the codes section


This will make Sololearn platform rich and more attractive to Newbies.Repeatation of same question and answer makes this section less attractive to Senior level Sololearners.


Agree. That would be great


Thanks seamiki, It is an excellent FAQ, athough it needs to be more prominent. For instance, in the place where questions get typed, there should be a statement plus a link to the FAQ. The statement should ask the user whether he has read the FAQ. Something like that.


I agree this


yes , why not


@Cipher Fzox Good to hear that


Maybe there should be a Q&A course that covers everything that could be reported.


Well done,@seamiki, thanks 👍👍👍


You forgot "show me haw to h4x plx"


dis gon b gud 👍


"Can anyone pls make a code for [insert typical homework question]??? I didn't do anything to try to solve it on my own. Thanks in advance!"


also known as: [challenge] do my homework!


l agree for that


привет,вы если сможете оставляйте русский перевод,я не понимаю