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Why am I losing the motivation?

My motivation in coding is like the sinus function. For a week I am very motivated and i feel i could do anything to learn something new. However it happens often that I run out of motivation and I become lazy as hell. I just surf on the Internet and I watch dumb videos on youtube. And this happened many times over and over again... Do you have guys any suggestions how could I keep myself motivated and how could I turn code learning into my hobby?

2/18/2018 9:21:24 PM

Dániel Liptai

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Adding to the above: Challenge your self by making a plane and give your self a gift every time you accomplish this plan. Then increase the level of challenge every time a little bit. in this way you will gain the spirit of the fighter and you get off this feeling. For example: start with a plan to take a badge within a day. then to get 1000xp then to be the first in your country for day, then to week, etc...


don’t wait for something to make you motivated ... I have faced this problem alot it is not about organizing time or even having rest from time to time during the studying. the only solution for this problem is just to force yourself to do what you have to do. make a plan and say “ I have to study programming 2 hours a day “ may be less than 2 hours even it was just 15 min. it is not about how much you study it is all about achieving your goals and train yourself to study. you can start the first week by studying only one hour a day then the next week make it to hours a day again ... don’t wait for something to motivate you just start and train yourself to study even you are not motivated.


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may be this is not what you want figure out something else what you love the most


Don’t do it too long. If you spend a long time on anything you will get tired of it. Secondly, taking days of the week as a break can really help. So maybe leave Monday and Wednesday free of coding?(mondays are always stressful even for me and I’m only 14) hope this helps you.


Consider small opportunities, grab them and utilize them. If we look down upon small opportunities, after a while bigger opportunities seems smaller and makes us feel down.


Honestly, it happens to me all the time that I just don't feel like coding too and I just sit around doing something else. What I would suggest is to not look at coding as something that has to be something that you must be doing all the time for it to become a hobby, and by just coding whenever you feel like doing so. Don't take programming too seriously as to make it feel as if it's something that has to be done, as that drains all the fun out of it. Another thing that may help is to look at some other codes people have made in the code playground, and try to look for motivation or an idea for a project that you may want to start on. I find that having a specific goal or project in mind gives me more motivation and drive to continue with that and just to code more, so it may work for you too. Hope this helped!


A good question, that, as @Guarav stated, has been asked elsewhere. Nevertheless, I ask you to consider why it is that you don't feel like coding. is it just pure laziness, the lack of effort willing to put forth to solve a problem? Do you not think the reward of solving a problem is enough to justify the work of solving it? Do you think there are not enough problems available for you to solve? Is there something in your life that you might take as more important than coding? If so, what, and why do you consider it more important? How highly do you prioritize programming in your life? How highly do you want to? If those two answers aren't the same, why not? Is there something in your life competing for time, such as school which makes you think you must set your time and priorities elsewhere than coding? Thank you for considering these questions; it is a lot, but I hope it can help. 👍


One of the causes is that we feel bored and tired, plus if we have trouble when learning code. I think, the simple answer is, start learning to love coding and think about the purpose for what we learn about this.


Okay @Dàniel First you need to master the fields of Discrete mathematics,Statistics and Probability, Algorithm and data structures for smooth coding and be motivated all the time💝💞 Also you need to master dynamic programming and Memoization 💞💚 First master the prerequisites needed for coding then only start coding 😎😎


Thank you guys for your answers ,you gave me great ideas!


I find coding hard well am doing C programming so I usually obsess over challenges finding ways and means to solve them. I started with html and css those were super easy i just loved the idea of creating my own unique stuff and or emulating what I see on internet as am surfing.. And oh well poverty is a big motivation I'm tired of my shit job and coding is the only way out🔜


I have some times this same but I say to me I will do small code 2minutes only and when I start I want do more :)


The thing that works for me: I do one course per day with the purpose to learn to develop my own app that I can sell online or to a company by the time I end the course. Creating something that is useful to me is what motivates me vs creating something just for the sake of learning it!


hi.. coding is fun till when our code is running fine. or whatever we make that got expected output. motivation is helps you when you wants to reach anywhere or you want to get anything. but it's gets out when you tried a lot but always get failure. so for being motivated always.. firstly believe in yourself that if you are coding and that not working as yours expectation or always got fail. it's fine.. don't take so much pressure.. like this you will lose your motivation as well as interest in coding.. so be calm start from easy code.. and if that are not working it's fine.. make yourself chill try after sometime... when your code will start running fine then automatically you will get motivated always.


It's easy coding is all about how much you think and how easiest solution you find to do something and coding is the last step so there is no need to code every time it's really enough if you think and find out solutions to solve any problem.


the first step can should take is find your real interest/ passion. find the reason that is making you step back from your career . generally we get distracted by our course because after a time we start finding it boring/ tough in such case that we are able to understand it . for that you goes to distract your mind for a little while and finds that enjoyment to be much more interesting than your course. try to find good mentors / friend so that at the time you get stuck they can help you in that . take your course in a little more interesting way . follow your passion .


I agree with some of the advices here. Don't do it for too long or take it too hard. You can make a study plan for a week. For example, you can study for like 4-5 days a week then make your weekends your rest day or leisure time. 😊


try to focus on your health and diet, be calm and have patience, don't run and walk every day to achieve your goal, Understand what you want to get in life? always enjoy your life and have fun, Programming is not a life, it's a profession. At last, This is your Life and It will be Your ways.


strange how the post right above yours in treading is asking for motivation.... 🤔