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What language would i want to learn for tracking ip addresses

11/26/2016 4:02:30 AM

Ronald Patterson

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The best language to use for tracking IP or any network traffic imo is Linux/UNIX command line. There are many programs already created that can do what you're looking for in this language. It is also how many servers communicate. C++ / Java / Python can be used to do with as well, but if direct network communication and alteration is desired Linux/Unix is the way to go. If penetration testing is what you're looking for search Kali Linux.


Start by learning javascript, Java or C++ (C# is also an option) Then... that it, you can simply google 'How to track IP address using C++/JS..." But you can also learn SQL, which you can use it to track and track IP addresses through database.


to learn the things like working of web serve through programs you need can PHP SQL js,server side ,client side and services programs that handle these like os shell script c network management but it is not that you need programminglanguages to learn about these. it's not hard to know ip. all websites you visit connect from you through ip .these is the different thing from progrm. and it's also not that you can know ip of devices easily after learning programmong


sorry there is no language for the IP addresses


I simply meant what language would afford me the capability to discover somebody's ip.


any lang man.