[CHALLENGE] Ratings of operating systems and programming languages

🇬🇧 Hello! Implement the rating of OS and programming languages. Data to take either from official sources, or you can make your rating of your favorite OS and languages. Any programming language Good luck! 🇷🇺 Здравствуйте! Необходимо составить рейтинг ОС и языков программирования. Можно использовать официальные данные рейтингов, а можно составить рейтинг своих самых любимых ОС и языков программирования. Любые языки программирования Удачи!

2/14/2018 10:02:44 PM

Elizaveta Belova

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My solution: https://code.sololearn.com/Wk6E7V2xu38g/#html But my code should not run from the iPhone, but from the computer and Android (the diagram will be visible)


Sounds more like adversitising than challenge, and anyway just use a chart library to display datas retrieved from internet: not very creative, even if good usage of external ressources ;P However, you could make your code works in any display size, by changing the fixed size of the chart container to relative size: <p id="mychart" style="width: 100%; height: 80vh;"></p>


Challenge accepted! (insert code here!)