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Which is better React, Angular or Vue?

I am new to web development and want to know which one is best of these three so I can start learning them. I have seen many blog posts but everyone has a different answer.

2/13/2018 5:37:27 PM

Shardul Nalegave

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Vue uses directives and is easier to start with. Vue components can include HTML, JavaScript and CSS in the same file but within separated sections. ES6+ is optional but desairable. React uses JSX which is sugar syntax for writing HTML markup into JS. You can use online styles (which are actually JS but render into CSS) or import styles from another file. You need to feel comfortable using ES6+. The learning curve is steeper than Vue's, but developing is lots of fun if you love JS. Angular uses Typescript, a superset of JS. I haven't tried it a lot, but in some countries / industries(banks and so on) is the most on demand JS framework. I'm an advance learner and on my first steps into JS frameworks. May be you're in the same level. I tried small tutorials with each framework. I chose to learn Vue, then develop an advanced project with it. Once it is done I will try another project with React. I like the development experience with Vue. You can use preprocessors like Pug and Sass within components! 😎 On the other hand, the React ecosystem has amazing projects, like the static site generator Gatsby. I decided I want to learn both and decide which one is better depending on the project. That is my choice, but it doesn't have to be yours. What do you want? Separation of concerns even with HTML, JS and CSS within the same file? Go for Vue. Or may be you prefer a great library ecosystem? Then go for React. Check what frameworks are on demand in your area and in the kind of companies you want to work. Good look.


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There's no best. Why do you think, my friend? Read your question one more time very carefully. What criteria did you choose in your question? Nothing. That's why there's no right answer for your question. And it's only one aspect of this very popular (not useful) question among newbies. Second aspect. Read one more time very carefully end of your question. Everyone has a different answers. Understand? That's why this "common" question lead to "common" answer.


Very helpful answer Eliud Delgado 👍