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Why new programmer's prefer python?

2/12/2018 1:58:08 PM

youcef meghdour

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because everyone starts learning english with ABCD... same for programming python is very easy and required language at some extent.


This is because Python is easy to use, powerful, and versatile, making it a great choice for beginners and experts alike.  Python's readability makes it a great first programming language — it allows you to think like a programmer and not waste time understanding the mysterious syntax that other programming languages can require.


Hello. Before I started using Python, I had a bit of experience with SAS and R. The main problems I had with these programs were that it was extremely difficult to figure out what syntax to use, how to read existing code, and how to interpret the results. With Python the syntax is very basic, most of the coding reads like English, and the results come out line by line. Also, it seems like the program is very versatile. That's why I like it. Sincerely, Adrian Experience: SAS - 1 year R - Limited Python - 45 days


Hello and greetings community, Python is a language that is used in several areas of technology: web, networks, data processing, artificial intelligence, etc. and it has been developed with the beginner programmers in mind as it is very easy to become familiar with the syntax of the language. Thanks to the use of common expressions, Python requires fewer lines of code to perform basic tasks. On average, the code written in Python is three to five times shorter than Java and five to 10 times shorter than C ++. Additionally, Python has a standard library that allows executing more complex functions and tasks more easily than other languages. For development in latest trends such as machine learning, Python is the most popular language in the world. Python is a perfect language for any beginner programmer who is determined to learn on their own due to the ease of their syntax.


Unless you are a type of person who likes to dig and find out what's going behind the scene, never choose a dynamic programming language as your first programming language. Dynamic programming languages hides lots of details that are essential to become a complete software architect / engineer / designer etc. Things like memory management, fast i/o, multithreading etc are essential even if you are just doing application programming. When it comes to raw power and total control, python usually delegates the work to powerfull programming languages like C/C++/Java etc. But to delegate, you need to know those programming languages. There is no doubt that python will make you productive much faster than many programming languages but you can find many people who can code without knowing what's going on. The choice is yours, whether you want to be a coder/programmer or the software designer/architect. Just some of my views, everyone is free to disagree :)


This is the powerful boi of programming 💪💪💪 because it can use more than one programming language and controls system functions also can be a powershell of a program because writing 10k lines of c is handled with a better,more simplified and powerful script in python and takes 2k to 6k to generate a powershell if a program


It's a powerful, multi-purpose, high-level language, which supports O.O. paradigm. Easy to write code (direct and simple), easy to read... IMHO, the perfect language for beginners (and so for experienced programmers).


I think it is very easy to learn than any other programming languages.


Python allows you to focus better on the programming concepts instead of worrying about the syntax.


because it is easy and power full have you notice even Google want to use c++ but,they can not instead they use phython.


SOS (Shortness of syntax) ;D


Because python can do a lot of stuff. Future lies amongst data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. These stuffs can be implemented throughout python.


Synthaxes of Python are simplified and easier


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I started learning Python because it's needed in financial sector.


Python coding is the easiest!


Not only new programmers; And the main reason is that: Python is easy to lean and very powerful especially for data science.


Idk, but I like Python, because it's simple to use, example output text "Hello", In python you only have to input print('Hello')*compared to C++, you have to input include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { cout << "Hello"; return 0; } to output the same text.


I myself find it frustrating that it just runs straight down the line of code and when one action happens the others shut down.


python is flexible,robust,scalable and interpreted language and the code execution time is very fast than other languages.