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To make games or softwares, What is basic requirements?

2/12/2018 8:10:33 AM

Vrushabh Desai

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For large 3D first person games such as GTA and CoD you will need a game engine such as Havock, Unity, Unreal etc. These game engines are written by teams of very talented people and have been developed over years. A single programmer has little hope of writing one from scratch in a reasonable time scale. Next you will need an army of artists to create your content; 3D modellers, animators, texture artists, lighting artists, musicians, sfx artists, voice actors, translators, ui designers, level designers, writers not just programmers. Oh, and about 40 million usd. Some useful links... That's not to say you can't learn about game development, building levels, or modding games on your own. Just be realistic about what it's possible to achieve on your own.


A computer :P Which kind of game/software are you talking about?


depends on the platform


A language with Graphical and Calculation capabilities - most general purpose languages have this. A graphic library of your taste. Time, a lot of it. An idea for the game. Aaaaand thats all folks XD


I am talking about gta and call of duty games


A specification to work from.