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Bootstrap dl list

Not working ,this code.i don't know, where is the error?.i made this code after watching these videos. if code is same , i got different output. please tell me where is the error?

2/10/2018 6:20:08 AM


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I tried the code on my computer and it works correctly. The problem here is that bootstrap depending on the layout of the device (or container) shows the description normally to facilitate the reading of the content and does not preserve the style Similarly, the dl-horizontal class seems to have other common problems [1], and in version 4 of Bootstrap it was removed [2] [1] [2]


what is bootstrap Bootstrap is a free open source, and is the most popular html, css and javascript framework developed by mark otto and jacob thornton for creating responsive web applications and websites.bootstrap extends the functinality of html, css and javascript. bootstrap contain html and css based design templates for text, forms, buttons, navigation and other components. Bootstrap advantages -->supports responsive design. -->consistency -->customizable -->can be usable with any technology such as html,css,ASP.NET etc...


if you have code link, can you please share to here? that will be more helpful to me. thanks for your help🙏🙏.


thanks for the link☺☺


not got output😢


Here is a screenshot of how it looks after executing your code on my laptop (even in the web version of CodePlayground it was not shown correctly)


Try changing https to http on your Edit: I had not seen the videos. My recommendation does not have the same result. I will look for the error.


Done :)



I'll upload it to CodePen, give me a few minutes!


what is this bootstrap.... for what purpose is this used...


thanks for info🙏