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Do companies want C++ programmers?

I'm curious about this because I learn C++... Do they desperate for C++ programmers?

2/9/2018 3:31:34 AM


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well company always search for whom which are able to make logics and can implement with that logics they do preference to them who can learn something in least time and complete the project for them come to your question if someone knows c++ very well and can make logic and can implement on that logics he or she would be get selected because in industrial life many languages are came and they have to make project on that languages so they only need of that person who can learn and adopt a new language in least time and can submit the work before deadline so one who knows c++ and a great command on that language or one who has command on any one language company will select them and in gaming industry company is always looking for person who is potentially good in C++ and C# so they can get job their easily if they have command on that language


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C /C++ are very powerful languages and are heavily used for System programming Chrome V8 engine is written in C++ which help to compile and interepret JavaScript into machine languages Core of Node js is C++, which provide JavaScript to run on server , JavaScript is not that much powerful own its own so c++ is great Now in beginning you don't need to worry about which language you should learn to get a job. My advice just learn any one language completely, basic of that language to advance, how language is working ,memory layout of language , try to do some projects if possible then learn computer fundamental through that language like data str , algorithms , At this point you can decide by yourself what to learn next and what to do . After learning a complete language , you can learn any other language very easily and very quickly because most of the information from a language are transferable to other . Dont think like you just have to learn a language to get a job , you have to learn several framework libraries and language to get a work done , thts enough from my side . Best of luck


ABSOLUTELY! 👍 C++ is one of, if not the strongest language out there! It ia used in game development, driver technology, your device, and pretty much any medium to large software you can think of!


What companies are always looking for is smart work not the hardwork. You should be capable of handling the job as nicely as possible and complete the projects keeping deadline as most concern. And no matter what field you have chosen there is a lot more need of developers in this world but what is lacking is talent to fill the vacancies. When you will get in some company you will not just stick to the language you have mastered (say c++ in your case) but you will be given opportunities to learn new ones. When I was in a company I was recruited as php developer but the project sir was so talented that he said within few months I shall be coding for Android and my collegues who were recruited for Andriod will be doing web developing in PHP and it was not just upto talks because he had mastered both php and android.



@Jayden, true; but C++ developers make a great amount of money since it is more scarce than Java. This also applies to Python developers, since that is scarce as well. If someone is getting a MS degree, then C++ is the go to, in my eyes.


yes , os developers are master of c++


Depends on your experience and capabilities with the languahe. C++ can be used in a large variety if ways. These days an ever increasing amount of Web based company's are looking for Ethical Hackers for stress testing and identifying vulnerabilities etc


Depends a lot on where you are and what kind of work you want to do. Computer applications are not often written in C++, neither are web applications. Embedded software however is rather often written in C and C++, so if you like programming close to hardware and you have such companies nearby then there shouldn't be a problem. Here in The Netherlands (Brainport region, near Eindhoven) we have a walhalla for C and C++ programming, I'd say that for each good C++ developer there's at least 2 jobs available!


Yes, of course. Valve company needs C++ programmers, proof: Also Facebook needs C++ developers, and others big companies, it is one of the most popular programming languages


C is the mom of all programming languages and owing to the fact that C plus plus is modelled largely after C it is clear that C++ is a strong programming language. C++ has a strong base on the Windows platform and programs written in C++ are powerful. So the use  base of C++ is undoubted. C++ also provides a strong base for learning object oriented programming . If one is proficient in C plus plus then one can easily  learn many other  languages . So there are many companies who are willing to hire C++ coders. (And if you are in search of such a job then I wish you all the best🙂).


companies are interested in those who can complete their projects in very easy and logical way taking leat time


c++, Java, python are top three imo


Not sure, but, in my book anyways, I believe that the more programming languages you know (including C++) the better your chances are in nailing the job. You might need C++ coding skills as a backup for certain other programs the company deals with, you might not, but best to have it on your Resume anyways as a safety precaution.


The difficulty in aiming at a job that uses C++ as its programming language , is that the company will require you to have professional experience of 1-2 years , it is like they do not accept newcomers. So I advise to learn Java or Python , on parallel with C++ , and after you finish your computer science degree , apply for programming jobs that will require Java or Python and you will have good chance to get hired as a junior developer. As you work on the 1st company, keep studying C++ , and after 2 years apply to a C++ job , because then you can tell to the new company that you have programming experience , not directly in C++ but in Python/Java , and all this time you were getting better in C++ through self-study (for example you can tell them that you have studied the 4th edition of Strousoup's book and have done all the exercises and you can send them, of course that means that you really have studied that book!) and you are willing to take a coding test to prove yourself etc. So they may give you a chance to a technical interview and coding test and you may do well and persuade them to hire you.


C++ is used a lot for console games and it takes large teams of people to create those games so my answer is yes


yes one programming language is necessary for placement and c++ is good and also u have subjective knowledge like data structure,database


Companies are always looking for fresh talents having innovative ideas . Language sometimes doesn't matter at all


Yes☺ A lots of companies need C++ programmers😊 Good luck👍