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Does any one know anaconda programming language ??

please let me know the codings of anaconda

2/9/2018 3:10:05 AM

Soumya Darshan Padhy

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Anaconda is an IDE for Python. There is a vast bunch of additional modules just integrated into Anaconda, which are not part of the basic Python installation. Very interesting could be NumPy or SciPy, which are ready to use on Anaconda.


anaconda, i.e used for programming of python



thanx for ur answer Jan Markus


Anaconda isn't a programming language. It is a bundle of python programs. I think it is mainly used for data science. It includes programs like numpy.


As a total beginner, with no experience or knowledge. Should I download Anaconda + Jupyter NoteBooks or should I just keep it simple and download Python from its website?