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Suggestion: answer reasoning for Play challenge questions.

I think it would be great if the answers to challenge questions could be open for discussion or provided by the question master. Having the ability to view the correct answers is helpful however seeing the reasoning behind it would be even better ☺ where is the best place to put forward suggestions?

2/9/2018 12:27:06 AM

Garry Peace

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I have just discovered how to do this. Anyway, does anybody know if this is something that is being considered?


U can ask your doubt in quiz questions by posting it as question in q/a // after giving a try by yourself


Seriously Dude True


What I meant was under the Play tab on home page, you can challenge people using a certain weapon. 5 questions in each challenge. The correct answers are shown once the challenge is completed. However it would be insightful to have these open to discussion too, or an explanation provided by whomever submitted the challenge questions. Thanks for your comments though :)


Under every question on my android phone if you get the answer wrong the comments appears. There it is open to discussion by us all.


I agree. it would also be helpful I'd the challenge didn't time out if someone phones in the middle of a challenge.