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Programming languages with non-English syntax

Does the programming languages with non-English based syntax exist? They are, I've googled it. But I want to know, is here someone using one of them? Please give me a code sample or a link. And what do you think, what purpose does this languages have? Esoteric languages are not count.

2/9/2018 4:18:13 PM


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This, for example, is C++ in Chinese. 🤔


পতাকা(potaka) is a Bengali programming language made in Bangladesh


পতাকা (potaka)


Scratch is more of a pseudo programming language. It introduces someone to the logic of designing a project, but you don't really write any code


@Tato Idk. I certainly don't think all Chinese people work with that, but it can be an alternative for those who can't master English well. The general syntax is similar to that of what we have, just the identifiers which differ from its English counterparts, so I'm here thinking whatever which can be accomplished with C++ can be done in the Chinese version. Of course, it's just my assumption. In fact, according to this site:丙正正 It is merely a collection of #define statements to achieve programming in full Chinese.


but at the end, if you want to become sucesfull programmer you must learn english because all most used languages are in english...


There are certainly languages with non-English keywords or even languages without keywords at all. But before you go out of your way to learn them, you might want to consider the following: From 2000 onwards the open source office suite OpenOffice was primarily developed in Germany, hence lots of method names and comments were in German, even though the programming language itself had English keywords. Later this open source project was forked into LibreOffice, which was developed mainly in France. The first few years in LibreOffice, the developers had *lots* of trouble understanding the original code and comments, as French people generally didn't have German language at school (not sure how it is now). The point is: for whom are you writing your code? Is it something that might be shared later on with a bigger audience? If so: you might want to consider writing in English... Yes, that's difficult for people for whom English is not their native language, or not even their second language. But having to translate everything later on is a pain as well. In the completely connected world we live in we really should mostly stick to a common language in coding, as at one time you will be working together with foreigners. That common language might as well be English, as *lots* of people already speak it.


I saw scratch in different languages, but I don't think that scratch is serious language for serious projects. C++ in chinese... yeah.. impressing, but is it working for serious projects?


In Russia very popular 1C programming language wich used in accounting document flow example: Процедура ЗдравствуйМир() Сообщить("Здравствуй, Мир!"); КонецПроцедуры


More non-English based programming languages here.


scratch is for kids..sure. on the other ha,d I see many languages with graphical editor on top. node.js-->, Scratch is nothing else but a layer on squeak.




@Freddy, yes, you're right - English is common language and it's good to use it, or the situation will be like in Babylon. The story with OpenOffice and LibreOffice is good example.


Can you give an example or link of code written in potaka, Anjum?


I think, if a person can not understand English. he can easily learn syntax of any language. with little effort. if the language's literature is available to him in his own language, he can easily learn programming .


@Vukan thats the point


@ace python java.....are more or less pseudo languages. You dont really see the final code. What I mean: All languages (maybe except assembler) are abstractions to prevent the coder from thinking about memory management etc. At the moment we say the borderline is graphical programming. I think, it will become a usual way of programming the next years. we do it today, if we drag&drop to build the GUI (Button, fields...) IDEs w.o that features will not be acceptes from the mainstream of coders. Similiar to many people have little knowledge about html but build webpages with wordpress ... maybe with very little individual coding.


Portugol. but is just to learn logical.. it was my first language at school.



What about The Kinglon programming language? Could it be the next future programming language? 😄