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download file with server-side code

does anybody know how i could use server-side code to download files from other servers to my server? i want to do this: [not my server]------download file to---------->[my server] the file is affiliated with something i made, the server is just hosting it.

2/8/2018 6:45:30 PM


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What type of access do you have to the server that isn't yours? Many ways to create simple linux scripts to accomplish this task. Obviously if you don't have access to the other server then it won't matter, and it'll also depend upon how the security/firewalls is set up on the hosting server. Throw more info my way and I can throw an example script your way.


how would python download it?


Python would be best for this not PHP. Or if you own both servers and want to use PHP then you could use CURL.


I can view the website but cant do much else, it is a host for Cryptocurrency’s, I want to take a file off of it, edit it, and hook it up to my site to turn my laptop into a coin miner.