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List some top YouTube channel for programming.

Hi friends, I want to know how many of the YouTubers there from sololearn who teaches programming.

2/7/2018 8:08:28 PM


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Coding train for processing (java) & p5 (js). Code parade (some pretty cool stuff) Net ninja (pretty much everything web based) Siraj Raval (ai stuff) Leios os for more advanced stuff. ☺




Videos are a good start but they will never replace books. Read books on the subject you're learning if you're serious.


Academind -- for miscellaneous web tech and trends SmartHerd -- Android, Java, Kotlin, Flutter, Dart. CodeAffection- Web and .net and others. JavaBrains - Anything Java and JavaEE. CodEvolution - Mainly web SimplifiedCoding - Android Levelup Tuts - Web, designing, wireframe, mockup, testing and more. Chris Hawkes -- Mainly programming advice. CodingEntrepreneur - Python & Django mainly but also Angular, TypeScript, React and more.


Mitali s channel!!! what else?


The newbostan - The best you will get.


Sonar Systems is one. For: C++ OpenGL 3.x (C++) OpenCV PHP Some others Bitcoin is coming soon


I'll recommend "Telusko".it is a fantastic YouTube channel. Others are: - Cs dojo Hitesh Choudhary Saurabh Shukla (in hindi language) New Boston


technical sagar not just programming , it is related to every field of technology. its great

+6 Best link



Pls do well to mention the languages and the niche each channel focuses on. It'll help we readers to find what we need easier instead of viewing all of them. To those who have supplied us with the needed answers, I say thank you very much.. 🙂


Traversy Media - Anything web, Front end - back end. Html, CSS, JS, Python, Php. Countless frameworks and libraries. With Real life application, React, Angular, Vue, Laravel, Symfony, Django, Rails just mention it. Net Ninja - Excellent and well detailed anything web related. Html, css, JS, Git, MongoDB, Python & Django, React, Vue, MaterialCSS. Kudvenkat -- The one stop shop and master when it comes to C#, MSSQL Server,, WCF, Asp.Net & .net core. Web api anything .net/ Microsoft.


thenewboston freeCodeCamp Coding Addict theChernoProject Coding in flow EDMT dev Coding with mich CG Geek sorry for not providing the links


Computerphile is about computer science in general, not only programming. But I recommend it so much!


I think "Online Tutorials" is also a good YouTube channel for web developing.


Hitesh Choudhary |:--.


Liveoverflow This is for all those who are interested in cyber-security, disassembling, assembler, memory-management, memory-exploiting, reverse engineering etc..... All the stuff about Exploiting, but this Channel is different. That guy explains you how the magic works. You will learn a lot of Low-Level-Stuff. He explains Stack and Heap, Buffer, GOT, PLT.... Interesting for C-Programmers and people who want to make real magic and funny stuff with their machines. :D


If you guys are looking for some to help you in python it is Corey Schaffer He is very good at python Explains it very well and makes is easy to understand He has made videos about everything in python Check him out if you are new to python or you are struggling I PROMISE HE IS GOOD


Not so sure about channels but in python, search for restaurant management systems. It should be a three part series of 20 minute videos or all of them together for a little over an hour. It really helped me understand python better