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Solutions to challenges

I love to do challenges. Only then I will know wat I have learnt so far. Also I can try to learn more form Quizzes. But the problem I find here is after I complete there is no solutions sonthe answers which where rong gone unknown. So ultimately my purpose of doing challenges is not worthy. Plz help. Also for some questions timer can be increased.

2/7/2018 3:27:41 PM


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About timer: you can submit feedback via the in-app feedback feature or send your suggestions directly to SoloLearn at [email protected] Do you want to see not only the answers, but the whole solutions too? You can also send feedback to SL, but while there are no solutions, you can ask to explain the quiz here, in the Q&A. Or do you mean, you don't see the correct answers after challenge? Then look at this thread:


You are welcome👍 I think the best way is to ask here. You can write the codes from quizzes in the Playground, run them and attach them to your questions in the Q&A.


Thank you will do. I can see whtr the answer right or wrong but I want to know the solutions. Sometimes I try to remember the questions I got rong or struggle to answer but not all 4or 5. I try to solve so even screenshot doesn’t work for all else I can ask in q&a