What the best language for developer?

2/6/2018 2:11:04 PM


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//answer-07/02/2018--v1 //updated-07/02/2018--v2 //updated-08/02/218--v3 @@seira for developers it's depends on what he/she can make first of all if you are beginner and your area of interest is: suppose web development then available good option for you is ✓html/css ✓php ✓javaScript ✓jquery web development with java ✓j2ee with servlet,jsp, spring, hibernate ✓server: apache,tomcat,glassfish with ms web development technology ✓asp.net ✓server:iis if you make your future with desktop or stand alone software development then you prefer: ✓c ✓c++ ✓java:needed for both web and standalone ✓python:needed for both web and standalone ✓c#:needed for both web and standalone and many more languages and framework available for both web and desktop development purpose you check it on google. 👍👍best of luck for your great future in computer programming 😊😊 //updated answer


actually i want to be backend dev @Master mayank


you're so kind, thank you @MemphisReigns




start with HTML then CSS then java script


thank you @seira for making my ans as best!! 👍👍


java and python


🔷Here is a very rich video, detailed (step by step) guidelines for starting online Career ( learning Web Development and other Programs): ⬇️ https://youtu.be/Zftx68K-1D4 https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/1056958/?ref=app


Web development - *HTML *Css *Js *Php *Sql


Look,if u wanna be web developer,don't ask something like "what the best language or btw?". just calm and learn something like JavaScript or PHP it doesn't matter if u be good u can building great things


Depends on what you are planning on developing.


depend on your projects. but nowadays people like doing code with phone app native language like Java/Kotlin and Objective-C/ Swift because of phone market. otherwise if you want to upgrade current low wage job or you are in older age , should choose HTML CSS JAVASCRIP & PHP because they are low languages and give short time accomplishment. if you like Scalable, Fault-tolerant and Concurrency projects then Elixir is your first choice. I can't say this language is better than other ones. just try all and choose one that you love. The most pop languages like Java c++ python c# JAVASCRIP ... hope it will give some helps.



python...the most complete yet powerful language


What are you going to develop


@seira sololearn recommend php is used for backend. https://www.sololearn.com/Play/HTML


For make money in next 10 Years ??? JavaScript, JavaScript and JavaScript. of course with HTML and CSS. The best language for dev is the language who make money.


I'd suggest you ES6 as core and frameworks as workspace because all web technologies based on JS mainly. VueJS is good for front-end such as SPAs, you can choose ExpressJS as server-side. Any way you have to find out what is better for your purposes.



What is to be developed?