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I wish Sololearn could add some Linux Based Learning.

1/31/2018 3:48:50 AM

Hasan Mahmud

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That would be wonderful. May be we make some suggestions


You can find on the LFSX101 Introduction to Linux, from The Linux Foundation . It's an incredible tutorial. They suggest it to the people who want to be trained, learn and give exams for their Certificates.


Yes, Good point to submit some lessons on Linux.


Command Line resourses like shell & Editors are usefull for coding in linux. And Linux environment is very usefull for Coding. Its has a very acceptable coding UI.


It would be interesting, but there are a lot of safety problems that would arise if they do not properly lock down some of the commands and the server itself. You can install an app (or seven) on Android to gain access to the terminal and more, including installing a full Linux OS, or just a terminal. Personally I'm enjoying the "Linux CLI Launcher", T-UI. A terminal for the home screen with some Linux command support like ls, cd, and some slightly custom ones like open to open the apps. You can even let notifications show/block specific apps from showing notifications, and use a background picture with a semi-transparent terminal/home screen, among other things.