for getting epic badge draws are validate or not?? | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


for getting epic badge draws are validate or not??

1/30/2018 3:30:53 PM

gnaneswari kolathuru

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draws will break the streak


epic badge means we have to win so that i think draws will not going to valid can anybody say about that badge


oh my god my heart broked becoz i have 39 wins and one draw 😥😥😧😧😟😟


my aim is not to win epic badge i want to know different questions and want to learn coding just for that i have joined solo learn but just its a feeel that oh i have winned 39 challenges becoz of one draw i have lost badge


that's the skill


take those challenges wo can't see with u.... make a sense when u give or accept challenges.. which can u beat only select them.... not experts everyone for that 50 in row badge dear.. make sense


You need 50 wins without any draw in between.


hmmm it ok dear... har ke bad jeet hai....


checkout insta


Especially if the draw was 5-5 😢