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A whatsapp group for discussion

I'm currently working on some project. I guess other web developers are also doin the same. So why don't you guys share your no so i can make a whatsapp group. It'll more fun working with you.

1/30/2018 10:34:32 AM

Sachin Kr. Shukla

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instead of sharing their personal number why don't you share the group invite link For the number privacy😉


Hi, please don't share or ask others to share their contact info like mobile number in a public forum. It's a bad idea should be avoided. if you want just share the invite link; It's a better way.


no worries buddy😉


i'm agree with jaydeep Khatry ⬆️


There are some existing discussion groups among the Sololearners. Here is one: https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/689391/?ref=app Btw the tags seems to be less related to this post. Maybe you can change your tags to "discussion group" instead of tagging all those web languages?