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I keep reading about challenges, and I looked everywhere for them on the site. I can not seem to find them anywhere. It feels like a stupid question that everyone knows the answer, but not me. Not wanting to remain in the dark, I am asking anyways. What are they? Where do you find them?

1/30/2018 8:08:25 AM


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for coding challenges //look for tag as "challenge" //those are more interesting


The challenge section is only available via the mobile application. It is not available via the website


for any complain or any advise mail to [email protected] it will help many people with ur statement .. talking about challenge,win/draw/lost part of game... u can create code in computer and copy paste on code playground on app..


@Mark, are you sure you are using the mobile app? you can not zoom the course pages as far as I am aware.


open sl app version..tap to play option .. click + button .. choose weapon ... select opponent... play.. win/draw/lost........ done ☺


I don't like the mobile app so much. It is harder to navigate to the courses. The pages open bigger than they should and I have to pinch them for each page of the course. The code playground does not work properly, making it impossible to change the code. It's no problem to only run the code. Top that with the answer to my last question being something like, I probably lost a level when I lost a challenge and lost exp for it. I definitely don't want to write code on a phone screen anyways, I guess I will pass on any challenges. Thank you both for clearing up my confusion!


I am not complaining. I love the courses.


I need to retract bit about the pinch zoom on the app. That issue was actually on the kindle browser (silk) and not the app. However, there are other reasons I prefer the web site more. For instance, the web site never asks me to invite my contacts.