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Forum URL messages

So I have a URL that will send me a message straight to my phone such as And the message at the end is the message that pops up for me I need a way to be able to make a forum (or whatever) that will just run that URL / load it with the message appended to the end of it.. so with this link (although i have modified the key) would pop up a notification saying “message”

1/28/2018 4:03:46 AM


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I added my key back because i have no idea if someone else had the other one Warning tho Clicking it will send a message to me (if you just click and that's it then it will just say "message" but if you change the last word at the end then it will say what you have it set to. The app also gives you an email [email protected] so your key lol and it will convert every email to a notification