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NoSQL Vs Relational Databases

Which one has a better performance ? Is that a question of preference or they use depend on the kind of application one wants to develop.

1/25/2018 7:20:56 PM

Cedrick Memel

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Relational databases are good for transactional systems like banking, real time like stock markets. It provides a good balance between the performance of read and write operations. They also provide important properties called ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability). NoSQL databases provide very good read performance and scalability while sacrificing consistency.


They serve different types of data and thus not comparable. NoSQL = not only structured query language. Unstructured data (plain text, binary, including pics, audio and video) are not easily structured and must be somehow dealt with as they are. Structured, relational data can be dealt with by relational databases. They can be uploaded in NoSQL, but you will loose most of the advantages.


SQL database is easier to structure in a well manner and is really flexible for querying. NoSQL is designed from spected queries. It's really fast but querying is more restricted and scalability can be difficult if there'snt a good design. It's true that choosing depends of the kind of app you're trying to develop.


CAP Theorem..No database can provide all three features..Just chose as per as requirement.



No SQL means not SQL. It can be anything.


Thanks for the clarity



Confusion made clear, thanks @Ravi