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Popular Users, why do you follow?

I have gotten a couple of follows from SoloLearn users that have hundreds (some have thousands) of followers and I was curious why they chose to follow me? So my question goes to those who have tons of followers. I assume most are people with a lot of influence on SoloLearn, those with lots of experience, and those that just make great codes. Why do you choose to follow people? What makes someone like me special enough you decide to hit the follow button?

1/22/2018 11:47:31 PM

Parker king

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Following someone makes it easy to access their profile and view their codes and posts. People often follow because they find the other person's activity interesting and/or helpful. Sometimes they may follow a beginner because s/he asks intelligent questions and shows promise, so that they can offer help from time to time. I'm afraid some people follow just hoping they will be followed back so they can amass a huge following and look important :/


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There are two groups of people I follow: people I'm teaching and people who teach or impress me. There have been a few newbies that are in both groups.


Few reasons I see for following . Follow for follow. . See a decent person with good codes, hit follow. . Challenges prey. . Follow for upvotes. . Follow for useful comments. Lastly . Follow for seemingly no reason (your case).


You're a fellow SoloLearn community member! That is what makes you special among all of us! 👍


impressive answer in Q&A section and good coding skills


@Parker... My decision for following is based on whether or not I want to see that person's activity in my Recent Activity feed. Regardless of their XP, number of followers, etc, if they post good questions/responses and are engaging, I'll follow them. I came across your question in my activity feed because several people I follow commented here. After reviewing your activity history, I decided to follow you because you fit that profile. ;)


"button...." *restrains himself* "must press for cool effect"


A single unique, awesome or interesting code could trigger that follow button. Regardless if you are level 1.


I sometimes follow people by the codes that they have written, showing what they have learned by the lessons from SoloLearn. Also it can be something I like about their code , which makes me follow them.


I am a miner , i look for knowledge gold that comes through experience , so I mine in the posts and codes of experienced ones, hence I follow


i only follow one friend of mine lmao