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Sololearn's ( submit ) button.

Guys, did you notice that when everytime you play vs your opponent, when you did not finished the quiz and suddenly your finger touches the submit button, and it says the answer is wrong. What I'm saying is to change the ( submit ) button's function. Like when you're not finished the quiz let it say fill the blanks , write ...etc. I think it will be a good change.

1/22/2018 7:26:35 AM


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Magnificent idea, Armen!


hmm me too have encountered this... twice or thrice😑 you can mail your query at 👇 [email protected]


I think it is a good idea. Wonder why they removed that because it used to be there before


yes you are right; sometimes this thing also happens with me. your idea is nice.👌👌


Armen Hello! Руссишь Язык?


Hi Artur. I can't speak Russian, but I can understand a little bit.


Barevzez inch pesek? :)


? Я по Енглишь не понимаю