A few yrs old startup Company sent me mail with test assignment , for job , that i did , but no reply still! | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


A few yrs old startup Company sent me mail with test assignment , for job , that i did , but no reply still!

hey guys 4 days ago a company sent me a mail with a test assignmnt .duratn was 3 days I wrote an awsm code fulfilled all the guidelines debugged properly, Even added optional suggested features in spare time, yesterday morning I wrote them back but didn't heard from them till now 48hrs is it common these days to check candidates with these long test assignments, I had to make a interactv text box maker page with canvas from scratch , using pure JS ( jQuery or kineticJS was not allowed ). jst curius,

1/21/2018 6:02:50 PM


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You don't need to cross your fingers. Just to take the correct pill (red or blue?) Morpheus! 😉


Keep your patience. They probably don't work on weekends (that'll be great for you in your common future ) and/or they have to check all the answers and compare them. Usually they send an email informing you about that.


@Elias , I hope so, fingers crossed , it's a good startup , they are doing awesome work with their library called canvasjs


yeah Michael, #it was to make rectanglular text boxes on canvas with click and drag for creating it , #double click to delete rectangle boxes #, if click drag happening on existing box , then it should be dragged with mouse to new position. #implement a buffer to implement undo delete feature and redo create feature # add a clear button to delete all boxes at once # animate the repositioning when undo clicked. # few other minor guidelines to prevent error cases, and normal buttons and display features like show position , FPS , etc you know the tough sounding stuffs like, implementing undo buffer , or animate , FPS was so easy, but resolving the click issue was tough coz when we click a mouse atleast 3 events are fired 1. mouse down 2. mouse up 3. click and when all events are linked to same element it gets complicated, I guess that was the theme of that assignment


@Elias, thx for reminding me who I am, how could I forget that , idiot of me 😅😅😅, now I am back to reality again, thx for pulling me back from the system , whooh , life in matrix not easy


any possibility you can share the task given? I am curious as to what all they expected.


Thanks for sharing the info. Yeah seems like undo would be easy(array stack). Animating them seems like it would be that hard part. Trying to find the best way to make a canvas task handler myself for just that. Again ty for the share.