Is Linux the preferred OS for programmers? Which OS do you prefer? What are the advantages/disadvantages? | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Is Linux the preferred OS for programmers? Which OS do you prefer? What are the advantages/disadvantages?

What is the better OS for developing code or programing Linux, Apple or Microsoft?

1/21/2018 3:13:25 AM


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I appreciate the input and opinions I was under the impression that "real" programmers and coders preferred Linux


linux performances stay constant, windows (10) experience on the same machine slows down with time to a point that is barely usable. hardware compatibility issues are in average same: windows10 upgrade lost my sd card reader, latest update lost the wifi. on ubuntu (i prefere mint tbh) everything still works fine(same machine) but some printers are not recognized.... apple is unreasonably expensive for me


If You want to maximize the number of people who you intend to use your software then use Windows. There you can be relatively sure that your software works together with all external hardware components. Another advantage of Windows is that there will be a high probability that there are people in your customers' neighbourhood who can help if there is a problem. I don't think that software sells well if it is written for Linux or Apple. Linux users are in most cases very experienced and rarely need your software because they are able to build a program for the same purpose of your program but with 'board-equipment'. There I think about the bunch of console-apps which you can pipe together like a daisy chain to get the wanted output. And these are mostly in the public domain. With Apple users it is another story. In my point of view the largest group of them comes out of the 'Creative-Department', e.g. webdesign, imageprocessing, videoproduction, text-authoring, desktop-publishing. They rely on software which is widespread in their community and the software they use serves well for their needs.


I only really care for learning assembly. Linux assembly seems much easier to understand than Windows. Other than that, I prefer Windows. EDIT: After actually trying Linux for more than just an hour, I prefer Linux now. It’s much more customizable than Windows and also more secure.


I would say for learning C and how OS actually works Linux is the best choice, if you want a stable system I recommend MAC OS(or you can build a hackintosh as I did - just don't update it very often or you will spend days to make it working again) or Windows if you develop apps for Windows. In few years many apps will be running in the docker containers and OS will not matter too much. Imagine you can run VIsual studio on MAC and develop .NET core apps on Mac? pretty cool.


hello knight from what I understand, the OS you use is not a real factor if you are interested in writing code. code can be written using a Mac, Windows or Linux OS. I use Windows. Some good comments above^^^


glad you enjoyed learning html, keep it up knight


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