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Spam Questions

Over the past week, I’ve seen more spam, duplicate questions, and things like that than ever before, and it’s causing a serious problem. When people post spam, they still appear and take up space on Most Recent when they could just search or not post something saying, “Gg” for no reason. This makes it less likely that actual questions will be answered because they will be pushed out of the top of Most Recent and probably never make it to Trending. See this:

1/20/2018 4:53:11 PM

Jacob Pembleton

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There are few solutions to this.. 1) Before asking a question it should be shown to the user whether this kind of posts have already been there or not.You should post only after checking them, just as in lesson factory. 2)The Mods should have an option to Delete that question like in case even after point 1 is implemented the prson still posts that 'Gg' or 'Hello' since he wouldn't find 'Gg' in the existing list. But this will again try to consume time as you have to notify the user that your post was deleted by them since it was a spam..and all that stuff....


I totally agree with you, I've noticed that spam has become more of a problem lately.