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Why you open Sololearn app and do you open it everyday?

1. daily xps 2. lessons 3. easy to use app. 4. challenge mode. 5. developers on solo learn. or if other then it should be strong enough.

1/20/2018 1:20:17 PM

Yogesh Sharma

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1)friends here 2)code challenges & different answer 3)challenge storm + like storm 4)i don't feel alone here //secret reason


I love all the features😉


Code Playground attracts me the most! And the ever loving community!


Lessons and playing regularly challenge mode with others helps in boosting the knowledge.


challenge mode. daily xp and python


I come to SL very often because of the very friendly atmosphere between the users in this community. And then I like to see, where I can deepen my understanding of my programming knowledge which I would rate at a novice level. Third is that I like to help other people where I can.


interactive learning


that's good but my point is that i feel solo learn like a game come everyday get xps play with code get xps win challenges get xps. do other feel that way too. i don't mean to post your question.


i aked it myself https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/1009319/?ref=app



reasons I open soloLearn: •The social network •the only Android emulator for c++,c#,java, python,etc •well structured teaching programs •Random usefull information on soloLearn forums Yes I use soloLearn every day, I read discussions and answer them whenever I can. I even use the programming environment to program every day; I come up with random ideas and see if I can make them work, I'm currently working on a text encoder that changes a sting into rows and columns of colored pixels.


The lessons are great for those starting from the bottom and the comments from the community really make this application fun. wish that I could spend more time here. but bills have to be paid.


Yes. I like it. I'm almost at 60 consecutive days.