fix. Error in web code

I have an code that has sum errors I want to know how to fix it & know why this happening. I have inserted code below: https://code.sololearn.com/WnRVVvmdrhnO/?ref=app

1/13/2018 4:32:04 PM

NurMd Ansari

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in if statement(line 32) u have "(lat-1 lat)" its not correct, change it


+ to pass multiple arguments to a function such as substring(), you need to separate them by comma (line 32, 2 times): //if(str.substring(lat-1 lat)==dot || str.substring(lat+1 lat+2)==dot) if(str.substring(lat-1,lat)==dot || str.substring(lat+1,lat+2)==dot) + you must correctly open/close parenthesis (line 59, function validateForm): //if(eCheck(EmailID.value=="false")) if(eCheck(EmailID.value)=="false") + I didn't investigate deeper your logic for checking email, just fixing explicit errors, but it seems to fail with "toto@website.net" which shouldn't be considerated as invalid ^^