How did you get to know about coding? And when did you start learning it?

1/13/2018 2:45:44 PM

Kosar Esf

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I remember the first day ( about 10 years ago ) when my uncle showed me the game that he created with Game Maker, It was astounishing. so I was wondering how did he created that? so I start to learn Game Maker, and then found out about Unity and learned C#, and then I saw high quality game engine called Unreal Engine and learned C++. so I created games with them for a while, until I was wondering how do these game engines actually works? and started to learn more about advanced C++, until I found out about SFML, and as you guessed, I was asking my self how does this API created? and started to learn OpenGL for few years, and nowdays I struggling with understanding Vulkan. That's how I started to code.


This is interesting question. i was studying in bachelor of commerce. and that time i came to know that there is chance to become a coder regardless of your study background. you can easily jump in by enrolling in courses.So i started learning languages and expanded it to expert level. right now i have 4 years of experience in Front End Web Development.


I started about 5 years ago.