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Increase Self-Discipline and Improve Learning Ability

A number of different personality traits can help us to accomplish goals, be happy and enjoy success in all aspects of life.

One of the most vital components of an individual’s personal development is self-discipline.

Wilhelm Hoffman’s research in 2013 showed that people with self-control are happier than those without. The results of his study indicated that people who have good self-discipline and self-control make positive decisions more readily, maintain a greater tolerance for obstacles, and did not make choices based on their feelings or impulses.

But what if we are not self-disciplined "by nature"?

How to learn things faster and remember more

The ability to learn may be the most important skill a person can have. We come into the world not knowing much. We can’t speak, feed ourselves, or use even the most basic household objects. However, children's brains develop incredibly quickly, and although each child develops at his or her own pace, numerous studies show that it occurs at its most rapid pace during the first three years. And, while this is true, we continue learning new skills throughout our lives.

Without going deeply into scientific research into brain function and learning potential, we’d like to share five very simple, but effective, tips that will improve your ability to learn and remember more of what you learn.

What does it take to get a dream job that will pay off your bills

People often talk about wanting to land a "dream job". Success in the workplace is a crucial factor in social integration, physical and mental health, general well-being, and self-realization. After all, we spend around 90,000 hours at work during an average lifetime, so it’s to our advantage to find a fulfilling occupation.

However, even if you have landed that ideal job, and you have a passion for it, you’ll still have to come home occasionally to pay the bills.

Let’s explore jobs that pay well while remaining meaningful and satisfying.

Top 5 Programming Languages You Need to Learn

Programming has become a very popular occupation in the past few years. No need to mention that, on average, programming jobs are paid significantly higher wages than positions in other sectors, and as a result, jobs for skilled professionals are in high demand. But even if you do not follow a programming career path, having an understanding of at least one or two programming languages makes for an impressive addition to any resume. In addition, you become more competitive during this time, when even kids learn programming starting from school.

Now, when you know that coding is the new writing, you may be asking yourself, “Which programming language should I learn first?” With hundreds of options to choose from and tons of research and lists, it is understandably easy to get overwhelmed.

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